I’m a History Grad Student in New York.  Apart from history, I’m also interested in politics, economics, nonfiction, and geek culture, including comic books, video games, and movies.  Among my hobbies are drawing and photography.

Overclocked Chimpanzee is my blog, dedicated mostly to whatever I find interesting.

As this is my site, I reserve any and all right to moderate comments.  That said, since I don’t want moderation to be completely arbitrary, here are a couple of things that I absolutely will not permit:

  • Sock puppeting
  • Trolling
  • Quote mining, a.k.a. taking words or statistics out of context
  • Using buzzwords with no clear, agreed-upon meaning, or misusing words with clear, agreed-upon meanings in an inappropriate context
  • Personal attacks unrelated to the argument at hand

I value quality discourse above all.  Bullshit is the enemy of quality discourse, which is why I put limits on what is allowed here.  Should you feel the urge to complain to me about how I’m violating your First Amendment rights, don’t.  My platform, my rules. If you don’t like them, the Internet is a big place, and you are free to go somewhere else.