Evening Photo

Tonight, I give you an up close shot of a peacock.  This will be the last one from the zoo, at least for now.

Zoo Peackock

Yesterday, I mentioned aperture.  In a nutshell, aperture is how widely opened the lens is, and is given by a number called the F-stop or F-number.  The smaller the F-stop, the bigger the aperture, and the more light the camera lets in.

In the field, this means there’s a limit to how high an F-stop (i.e. small an aperture) you can work with.  This is because a camera letting in less light needs a longer exposure to compensate, lest the pictures come out dark.  And unless you have either a tripod or a very, very steady hand, if you make the exposure too long, the camera will move around so much while the shutter is open that all your pictures will come out blurry.  Finding the right balance between aperture and shutter speed is the key to control over how your photos come out.

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