Evening Photo

Tonight’s picture is of a duck.  Like the last couple of evenings, this is another photo from the Bronx Zoo.


With small, quick subjects like birds, you typically have to take several pictures to get a good one.  But doesn’t mean you should just hold down the button and fire away!  Think about how much you want to focus on.  A small aperture will show a certain distance from the lens in sharp focus, but everything nearer or further than that will appear blurry.  Whereas a large one will focus a wider range of distance from the lens, but everything looks a bit less sharp than it could be, and the colors potentially being paler and looking more washed out.

Don’t worry, manipulating aperture is easy.  Most DSRL cameras let you choose to manipulate either aperture or shutter speed (that is, exposure length), while adjusting the other one automatically so that the camera isn’t letting in too much or too little light.  I’ll have more on that tomorrow.


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