The Decidedly Not-Normal Present

Should be Doing Time

With the formal indictments of several people connected to the Trump campaign today, I want to take a minute and reflect on the weirdness of the day and age we’re living in.

It seems distant, but let’s think back to political scandals prior to June 2015.  Some of them were legit (Abu Ghraib).  Some of them were bogus (Benghazi).  But I’m hard pressed to think of any one that was remotely as outlandish as what’s going on right now.

I sometimes imagine going back in time and telling my past self from a few years ago what, exactly was about to happen:

The guy from The Apprentice? He’s going to start ringleading the birthers, pretending to investigate Obama’s birth certificate. After that, he’s going to run for President. And he’s going to kick it off accusing Mexico of sending rapists into America. He’s going to insult the front-runner’s wife, crassly impersonate a handicapped guy, and talk about the size of his junk all on national television—and more and more people are going to love him for it. He’s going to start riling up crowds against the press. He’s going to tell them he doesn’t like how nobody wants to hurt anyone anymore, and offer to pay their legal fees if they start fights. And guess what? Republicans are going to nominate him. Oh, and Russia (Russia!) is going to start ratfucking his general election opponent. Apparently, him and Putin are super chummy.

He will then proceed to pick a fight with a Gold Star veteran’s parents, bomb all three debates, and have a tape released of him bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. And on November 8, this guy will be elected. Admittedly, he’ll lose the popular vote by a margin five times that that W lost by in 2000, but still. He will be elected.

As if that’s not weird enough, here’s something else that’s going to happen.  About eight months into the game show host’s term, we’re going to start wondering out loud if the President is too sympathetic to neo-Nazis.  Neo-freakin’-Nazis!

How would past me react?  I honestly don’t know.  You’d find a more sensible plot in a Dan Brown novel, this just sounds so out there.  Heck, it looks weird just typing it out on the page, and yet, I know it’s all true.

I suppose the lesson, if there is one, is that this is decidedly not normal.  Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself that now and again.

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