Evening Photo

I missed posting a photo last night, so tonight I’ll post two pictures.

This is a tiger, in the Bronx Zoo.  Some of my early work.  Not quite nature photography, mind you, but zoos are a good place for an amateur to practice.  You get lots of different subjects to take pictures of, and most of the animals obviously can’t wander too far off.  Which is no doubt inhumane, but this is a post about photography, not the ethics of keeping animals in zoos, so I’ll stop there.

The first shot is with a smaller aperture, more focused on the tiger.  I also did some color enhancement (this was back when I was still playing around with photoediting; I probably wouldn’t make it quite so vivid if I were editing it now).

Zoo Tiger

The second shot, I’ve zoomed out, and opened the aperture a bit.  This one’s without color enhancement.  I managed to snap a picture of the tiger yawning.

Zoo Tiger Yawning

Enjoy.  I think I’ll post some more Bronx Zoo pictures, and maybe a few things about photography I’ve picked up over the years, in the next couple evenings.

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