I suppose I should have an introductory post up, so here it is.

Welcome to Overclocked Chimpanzee, my personal site that’s part blog, part portfolio.  The name comes from a comment one of my favorite bloggers made about humans being more or less overclocked chimpanzees who, amid their odd jumble of mostly Pavlovian behaviors, are occasionally intelligent.  The comment resonated with me.  I guess that says a lot about my outlook.

A bit about me: I’ve lived all over the United States.  I’ve been living in New York for the last couple of years.  I am presently studying graduate history.  My artistic hobbies are drawing and photography.

Here I’ll be writing my thoughts on whatever catches my attention, which means I’ll probably talk a fair bit about politics, history, pop culture, books, and video games (though that’s by no means an exhaustive list).  I’ll also be posting photos I take and comics and drawings I create.  Might as well start putting them out there, after all.  Finally, I’m more than happy to put up guest posts if anyone wants to contribute.

I think that just about sums everything up.  I’ll finish this post with a picture I took a long time ago, of a mossy forest Olympic National Park in Washington State.  It’s one of my early ones, and I’ve gotten much more adept at photography since then, but I still find it beautiful.


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